Tuesday, June 18, 2013

announcing the new online journal frankmatter

Over at frankmatter, we've started a new online journal intended to satisfy an unappeasable longing for more variety, the unexpected, and the less polished, among lots of other things; it aims to broaden your gaze, furrow your brow, arch your eyebrow, and put a stutter in your step. Head on over, and we hope you enjoy it!

[photo by Daniela Tomerini of Paolo Lagazzi, 2012]

Contributors to the inaugural issue: Anna Maria Cossiga | Paolo Lagazzi, translated by NB | Mebane Robertson | Emily Sklar | Gabriele Tinti, translated by David Graham

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stray Shot 2013 (cover photo by Dasha Zaporozhets) introduces several new talents even as it bids fond farewell to a talented group of new graduates. Featured in this issue are seniors Molly Moseley (Gunnery poetry contest winner this spring), Erin Sullivan (winner of the English Department's poetry prize), Sagine Corrielus, Ian Riley, Lenny Qiaojin Jin (winner of the English Department's prize for prose, the Stray Shot prize), and many other talented writers, including translators Tomas Diaz-Canedo (translating Mario Benedetti) and Jessica Qi Xu (Li Bai and Hu Cui). Thanks to the outstanding visual artists whose works grace this issue: Dasha Zaporozhets, Boya Zhao, Diego Duran-Ballen, Falon Moran, and Ria Han.

Check it out here.