Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thank you for maxi-reading!
at The Gunnery on April 26th
Lexi Nanavaty
Matt LoPresti
Casey Siemon
Sam Joslin
Ivy Le
Ataman Uğur
Jake Kantor
Shannon O’Connor
Laura-Delight van Tartwijk
Jessica Xu
Sam Hemmingstad
Henry Palmer
Zafar Mirzaliev
Isaac Reguant Escarra y James Benedetto
Nick Weinstein
Alexis Dominicus

and particularly recognized for their outstanding recitations: 

Alexis Dominicus 
Henry Palmer, Sam Hemmingstad, Jake Kantor, Ivy Le, Sam Joslin, Casey Siemon, Matt LoPresti, and Lexi Nanavaty


[illustration by Shannon O'Connor]

Monday, April 14, 2014

Poem by Nick Weinstein


Growing up you used your hands
Taking roll call every time
You needed to count between one and ten

But that never mattered

When you were young you still needed a song
Never were quite sure what came next, was it J or K?
Twenty-six letters put to a rhyme just so you could spell

But that never mattered

Whatever happened to those days?
Did they slip away in backdraft of time’s momentum?
Fall away from our calendars like a dying leaf?

Or are they simply hiding?
Just waiting to be rediscovered, our youthful invigoration?
Lying around our subconscious, a buried treasure trove of wonder?

Our twenty-four hour workday fills itself
Labor after labor after labor
Even Hercules would be put to shame,
He only had thirteen.

What changed us?
Derailed our hopes and dreams?
We used to have literary merit,
So much more than just a story
Now we trudge on desperately,
 Searching for a missing theme
That we will never find.

Imagination flew with freedom
We thought in sound and fury
The Shakespeare of our own minds
An everlasting waterfall of adventures to be had

Take back those “childish” days
Pay back the late fees and renew your sense of wonderment
Embrace what some may call a crisis
Because what everyone else thought?
Well, that never mattered.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Poem by Emma Ward

Go away

Go away
I want to lay
In my bed
I think it's  best
I skip that test
I've got a nasty
As for that sport
You make me play
I’m no good anyway
I think it's best
You let me rest
Upon my bed today

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gerry Kahari's Spring Break Diary

Dear Diary, 
        Day one of spring break I woke up and went to class. Then I took a nap in that class and I woke up when the class ended, it was great. After that I saw Kevin in the dorm hallway. He told me to have a good spring break. Then I responded with, "you too." My dad picked me up shortly after that riveting conversation with Kevin. A few days afterwards I arrived at my abode. I sailed on my rubber ducky to Panama City. Oh what a paradise that place is. While in Panama City I met some very beautiful dolphins. It was fairly warm for most of my stay. To return home I sailed back using my floaties. Due to the absurd winds it was difficult to return and I ran into a young boy on a boat with a lion. At first I thought it was quite odd that this boy was by himself on a boat with a lion but then I figured that I was lost. Because the circus is the other way. While I was home I worked out, watched tv and played a little lacrosse. My parents made me work, because they thought I had too much free time and that I wasn't doing anything productive, while they were at work....they were right.