Friday, October 9, 2009

Poem by Callie Carew-Miller

In the voice of Io
(Metamorphoses I, 785)

Beauty is a curse.
I run, and run, but cannot escape
The beauty or him.
My feet kiss the earth,
Never staying long enough for a full embrace.
I make them fly.
But Jove’s feet are far swifter
Treading something lighter than air
And moving faster than I
A mere mortal
Can travel.
I have lost..
He has won
But what now?
The Goddess decends
Right into the crime scene…
How does she not see
What he has done?
What I have done?
And now?
She has asked for me;
Am I to be a present for Juno?
A gift to the Queen of the Gods?
But what use am I to her?
I am useless…
But she keeps me not.
I am placed under the care of a 100-eyed monster;
Watchful… terrifying…
And is there no bed for me?
Must I sleep on these muddy banks
And dine on these bitter leaves?
Why can I not cry out for help?
That wretched voice cannot be mine…
It escapes no human throat.
And my arms?
Where have they gone?
I long for these previous comforts…
A stream… cool clear water…
But who is this???
This shining white heifer?
She stands where I should stand.
She moves when I move.
When I cry out in fear, only her dulcet moo is heard.
What has he done to me?
This king of the Gods has robbed me…
Not only of my honor but of my human form.
Oh my family!
I have found them, but I cannot call to them!
They recognize me not;
But these hooves may have some use.
I scratch in the dirt
Tell them my story…
My sisters embrace me and my father wails,
What shall we do?
There is no escape.
What have I done to deserve this punishment?
But now I am restored!
I am human and my wretched beauty has been returned to me.
Clad in linen, I am worshipped by many.
In the sands of Egypt, I am a Goddess.
And the son I bore to Zeus…
That proof of my shame.
Now has temples in his honor.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Charlotte this is VERY meaningful & I love your use of the voice of Io!!!!!