Saturday, February 20, 2010

Writing Prompts by Alejandro Castro

The Readings of Counsel

A kid and an old scholar reading to and sharing perspectives with each other in a world of imagination, dignity, and philanthropy.

The Vicious Uncertainty

The unrequited love life of Jacob, a Jewish writer and Navy refugee living in western Syria, and Kareema, a young, beautiful, and enchanting 19 year-old Syrian girl.

The Neglected Bubble

An experienced and thoughtful lad whose conventions and mind are progressively corrupted in such a way that he believes silence is nothing, but judgment and patience are all. It is quite a catchy and volatile story. It may seem like the source for the development of new theories and philosophies, for the creation of responsible and cautiously inspired mayhem. Complications and unexplainable effects rewrite personal and communal destinies.

Fortamine: A forlorn experience

An underground world inveigled in drugs, sex and unparalleled vision. A world full of moral depravity, sadistic intention and acutely liberalized minds. It is intriguing and extemporaneous, and completely detached from the real and somewhat contented world.

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