Monday, March 22, 2010

you need to hear this

Great news from Timo Andres, which I'll report without editing (be sure to click on the Nonesuch link for more information)

I'm thrilled to announce that on Tuesday, May 4th, my album Shy and Mighty will be released by Nonesuch. S&M is a group of 10 works for two pianos, which I recorded with my friend David Kaplan last February. I've spent the past year working with the lovely people at Nonesuch to master it and make everything shipshape, and I'm really pleased with the result. The liner booklet has an interview with me done by Ronen Givony, the impresario behind Wordless Music and Le Poisson Rouge, among other things, and photos by the great Michael Wilson. You'll be able to get CD's and downloads starting the 4th. Then on Monday, May 17th, we'll be having a record release concert at (where else?) le Poisson Rouge. Dave will be shipped in from Berlin, and an extra piano shipped in from Yamaha, and we'll play through the entire thing. Come, have a Red Fish Ale, enjoy fresh tunes.

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