Thursday, February 24, 2011

Poem by Lauren Castaldi

My Girls

We marched three in a line
Sipping frozen smoothie drinks
Tinted tropical colors to match our vibrant bathing suits.
And I can see myself in you, but I was more daring.
More intrigued with my dangerous side.
But your innocence is lovely
And I know you play ignorant because you are smart
One of the few kids who knows it’s safer to stay young
More rewarding to live in youth as long as you can.
I was the opposite.
I tried to grow up as fast as I possibly could
I thought it was better that way.
And I know you remember when I hugged you in the waves
Sand covering every inch of our bodies as we rolled around in the surf
Now you help me hold your little sister
But I keep it a secret that I hold both of you for dear life
Because the pull of the waves is that strong.
I put every muscle I have into keeping you from being sucked away
A little girl battling the persuasion of the ocean.
And although you are young for your age, you are wise.
But my favorite is when you laugh, oblivious to anything else in the world but your own delight.
And we walk down the sidewalk three in a line
Holding hands with our shirts on and wet bathing suit butts
Three blondies, my two girls in the Florida sun.

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