Sunday, January 13, 2013

Translations of Beppe Salvia

Several translations by Nick Benson from the Italian of the poetry of Beppe Salvia are in the latest MPT, issue 3:18, 'Transitions'. Salvia (1954-1985) is not well known outside poetry circles in Italy. A good piece reviewing a 2004 selection of his work was just posted on the blog blanc de ta nuque, here. His poetry reminds me of Edwin Denby and Antonia Pozzi and Frank O'Hara. So that must mean he's not like anyone else! Here's another translation of a Salvia poem, which is not in MPT.

My fits have passed
and I’ve found a job. I’m less
anxious and look better; I’ve had some luck.
It’s spring now and I spend
my free time walking the streets. I watch
those who’ve known no pain and remember
the lost days. I waste my time
with my friends, and suffer a little still
from loneliness.
I have time now to read and write;
maybe I’ll go on a trip, or maybe I won’t.
I am happy, and sad. I am distracted,
and as I wander, realize what was lost.

Translation by Nick Benson of Beppe Salvia, 'I miei malanni si sono acquietati,' in Un solitario amore (Roma: Fandango, 2006), p. 162.

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