Friday, February 15, 2013

Portraits. Photographs by Bart McMann


Over the summer, I took a course for my masters degree at Wesleyan University on Self-Portraiture and Portraiture. These photos are from various projects from that class except for the photo entitled The Giant (large young man in an African village). That picture was taken in Malawi about three years ago. The rest of the photos were taken last summer in CT and NY. This is my first ever art show and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to present my work to The Gunnery community. Thanks to Nick Benson, Andy Richards, Susan Rogers, Shavar Bernier, Brian Lillie, and Jesse Perkins for support.
- Bart McMann
Bart's show is on view now in 'The Silent Study Room' at The Gunnery Library, 99 Green Hill Rd., Washington CT. (Above is a cropped version of one of the photos.) All are invited to the opening, next Tuesday at 1 pm.

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