Monday, December 14, 2009

Bahamian in Winter

As the day went on, it only got worse. The snow stopped falling but the temperature climbed slowly, and stopped just above freezing. Snow began melting, and water dropped from above. It hit my head like a cool summer shower at sea, but instead of feeling refreshed, the drops sent shivers down my spine. As time moved forth the wind began to howl, and the skies let loose a fine mist of rain; it felt as though I was aboard a boat on the Bering Sea. The mist stung as it hit me; this was normal at home, but the water was never this cold. I pressed forth from the dining hall to my dorm, my body frozen through to the bone, my muscles shaking from temperature shock. I entered through the bright red door of Gunn, and thought how it was only suitable on a day like this to have a red door on a warm building. I climbed the staircase to my room, warming slightly with each step, until I was at the perfect sun and sand temperature. My mind left thoughts of the cold behind when I entered my room. Slightly delusional from the cold, and deceived by the warmth of the dorm, I felt at home as I looked at my photos. I began to think of tomorrow, and came to the scary realization that the snow, now turned to cold water, would again freeze overnight, causing thin sheets of ice to form, just perfect to slip on. I quickly got beneath my covers and fell asleep, dreaming of being on a beach, surrounded by warm air, and though there was no one there to see me as I dreamed, I can assure you a smile came across my face for the first time that day. I woke up not long after my dream faded and dressed for the gym, putting on the bare minimum seven layers of clothing and three pairs of socks. After taking the hour and a half to get dressed, I headed back out into the frozen tundra. At first it appeared to be warmer than before, but as I rounded the corner of Gunn and was no longer sheltered by the building, the hurricane-force winds almost knocked me from my feet. Suddenly seven layers felt rather insignificant. I was cold and miserable. I crossed the street and started down the hill, and that was when it happened: out of nowhere, a great big chunk of snow fell from above, and landed square on my head. Now my misery turned to anger, and I was again cursing this morbid state, and its deathly weather, and I began to run towards the gym. I entered the building, and was welcomed by the friendly embrace of the warm air, and for a split second a smile was restored to my face. After my session in the weight room, I dreaded the journey back to my dorm, and upon stepping through the doors to leave the gym, I instantly turned around. It was freezing, and my body was burning up and drenched in sweat, but there was no way around walking outside to go back to my dorm. I opened the door again, and began the dreadful journey.

[see previous post for part one by Bahamas, a.k.a. Scott Aranha]

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