Monday, December 7, 2009

Two poems by Alejandro Castro

Love is fed by darkness and its fears
Don’t fucking interrupt me, but let me hear
I indeed feel love inside my skull: it would wonder
But it won’t go
It never will, for a fact
It will stay, because of its reality and its bluff
Love is real, and life is not
Learn to live while being loved
We do not comprehend
The magnificent complication of stereotypical conflicts
But for once, if ever gets to be ever,
I would love to be real in a life that is real
To be loved with stereotypical madness

Confessions to my concrete, but meaningful friend…
Hello little dresser, let me see
Behind those walls of yours,
Let me go in… Lock yourself little dresser, don’t let me go out
To a world full of ignorance, madness, lack just lack: laaaack, LACK
Maybe lock me forever or maybe just to seem
Ohh! I do not care about society, please don’t get me started little dresser
Don’t get me started…
First, I have to be locked in some place quiet and clean
I have to think and develop and then be mean
Let’s all be mean and let’s all end
Ending is different depending on the setting and the blend
Bye bye little dresser, you malicious bitch,
But please listen: we all have to be mean some day, some night
To succeed…

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