Thursday, January 14, 2010

Poem by Alejandro Castro

. I culminate the intensified feelings of our mutual misconception

The liberal meaning of justified,

Make the compensation life itself, gold, Mother Nature!

The wrongness of the intercalated tissues sees your avaricious thoughts.

Even I see them as a person

Deep, penetrate! Live out, but don’t sway me,

Feel the energies velocities rushing quickly;

Like when waves in the ocean crush, splash, wet the sand…

Void I feel, and who does not,

Bringing such liberty] [onto suffocation,

How does] [relates to inculpate,

And trust such a simple little beautiful word,

Just releases relaxation.

Free me!

Let me be!

Incubate me in that little place, but just let me say, you

have invented me.

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