Saturday, January 30, 2010

Poem by Alejandro Castro

Lines crush and splatter surface for irregularities.

Let us; me be.

On the rudderless sight of my mind

The sharpness intrigues, and devices.

It alters the unoriginal line

That goes straight through my mindful.

Sometimes I like the alteration, why dislike it?

If fulfilling it creates.

Difference makes the differential line

That not only my wishes; wish it was straight,

But reality does too.

I feel guile,

The guile that rips the stern of my line,

Destiny’s guile is what should intervene and leave it to yawn and cultivate

Like a burnished fresh fruit.

Let those vertical and oblique lines

Intercalate into society’s surface; then shatter in liberating sense and intellectual reality

Let the stereotypes classify and the cliché imagine.

What a wonderful opportunity has been polluted.

Pollution is now presumed to be when the oak fully grows

After years and years of love,

Love becomes waste and so much hate determinates the destiny of something precious,

So precious that even love can be hazed.

I have now become a contemporary character,

That has preciously corrupted its own unveils.

To learn that growth is not just time but correction and deliberation.

Realization in my soon to be not cliché mind,

Has sharpened a literary process.

Figurative meanings

In someone’s or somewhat personal achieved and owned thoughts returned, drastically.

We question and desire,

But none are correct for the unspoken affair;

Of the non conclusive autonomy of our subject’s lack of growth.

Like life in a bottle, get out, now!

Express and act, act upon, with a reason and no plan.

Let it be, sublime me.

Fool myself or perfection in a mock scene.


Lines of mindful poems that fascinate my, in the moment, aeneous mentality.

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