Saturday, April 17, 2010

Congratulations to the poets

Four seniors were honored last Tuesday for their contributions to Creative Writing at The Gunnery: Rob Badger, Zaid El-Fanek, Stephanie Hoffmann, Isabel Levy-Nance, and Michael Yuze Sun. Congratulations to these five talented and industrious writers, whose work has appeared in these pages before, or will appear here soon.


Four students, one from each class, were acclaimed for their prowess as reciters of poetry, which they amply demonstrated last Thursday night: Jon Hill, Sarah Shulman, KT McVeigh, and Lauren Reich. KT McVeigh was judged best overall. It was truly a great evening of poetry recitation. I've never heard this many students recite - twenty-three reciters giving the audience everything from Tupac Shakur to e.e. cummings. I didn't envy the judges!


Huge congrats to sophomore Alejandro Castro, who has just earned a pair of uncommon accolades: a poem of his was chosen for the ASAP Celebration of Young Writers on May 15th, and he was named among the finalists in poetry for Litchfield County for the IMPAC/CSUS Award for Young Writers. It's rare to get one of these, much less two, but when you read Alejandro's work you'll see why they couldn't pass it up; some of Alejandro's work can be read here on Green Hill.

Congratulations again to all these fine writers, and to many others not mentioned in this post, who make Creative Writing at The Gunnery immensely unpredictable and enjoyable.

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