Saturday, April 3, 2010

Poem by Soo Jin So

Spring Rain and Me

The spring rain is coming
Pouring and hammering.
Looks like it wants to say hello for a new start.
Knocking on the Earth
To wake everybody up

Wakes us too
In my eyes, some students don’t look happy
To start a new term
In the pouring rain
That helps the world look dirtier

But, for some,
The spring rain
Looks like it’s cleaning
the dirtiness of the world
Helping to make a new start

Looks like it’s giving
the growing little Green sprout energy,
Giving hopes
and dreams
to our growing little sweet minds

But everyone shares the feeling
That after the spring rain, after it
The rainbow that is seen over the school
And beyond that, the little sunlight
Helps us go towards hope

Everything is Clear and green,
The softest and the most fragile leaf
Are so pretty
Because of their purity that doesn’t have filth

Looks like Everyone has a smile on their face
Whether They know it or not

The spring rain
Looks like it is helping us make a new start.
Helping us to run toward,
toward our dream,

A fresh new start.

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