Friday, May 13, 2011

Riddles by Karen Layman

Riddles of the Fox Demon

Fox Demon 1:

The more you take, the greater I grow
The more you replace, the quicker I go
What am I?

Fox Demon 2:

You see me in the water.
You see me in the glass.
On the edge of a fine dagger,
In an instrument of brass.
What am I?

Fox Demon 3:

Dusk and dawn, I follow you
Shorter, taller, often askew—
What am I?

A Thousand Steps to the Skies

This is the riddle that Thylian gives you to get to Taran’s domain—Skyes. Taran and other divinities can simply Relocate themselves there—mortals like Min’hira are not so lucky. Since Thylian doesn’t give a straight answer to anything, for anything, the party was stuck solving (and Tei was stuck writing) something that begins like this:

For what you seek,
Look to the skies.
When the moon sets blue,
So shall you have what you need.

“But I alone cannot impart
The power that thine mortal hearts
Doth need to venture to lands in light
And step out of eternal night.”

That was what I was instructed to say
For wise, were my mentors,
And knew that there would come a day
When your kind would need to pass beyond
The shores of where Darkness is bound.

Four things you need,
One from me,
Strong souls,
A beginning,
And two blessings be.

…I told you Thylian wouldn’t give you a straight answer for anything.

answers to these riddles will be in a future post! 
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