Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Winter Tree by Yea Weon Kim

A mother’s love shining on weak light and a brown tree.


No leaves, no birds or squirrels ... only black

Lost flowers, floating shifting in a dew

Created by brown horse hairs    Oh, Lonely and

What a lonely tree nothing around it, only a white white

Wonderland that greets black, flower, dew, tree.

Touching the two clouds -----------------high upon the sky

Why torture yourself you poor thing that’s why

Your hand has no circulating blood Yes, I know

I know your loneliness, I might be your mother, Please

come down from that cloud that freezes

Your life; it will hurt you; cloud promises no harm,

But they are all lies; I know your loneliness; I am your mother, Please

come down from the cloud before

I drop tears; I can’t lose you

I’ve lost others in whiteness already; clouds’ cold hands

Took them away -------- evaporated;

Don’t tell

Me to live without you. I am your mother, I’ve known

You very well; I was always there right

Next to you touching your shoulder, shoulder to shoulder

Come down my dear, our beloved one, your

Hurt will be gone; your heart will be back; Bump

Bump. Can you hear?          Can you hear this?         I see your

       Fingers                tapping on the air.

I hear you. Yes, yes of course,

I know you. Don’t worry; I can read your eyes

     Your eyes

Are beautiful; it will be more beautiful if you come down. You must

Be afraid! Hush! but don’t cry remember? I’ll be with you

I’ll hold your tiny fingers that I love to hold;

Please now

Close your eyes and come down

Come down my dear Come down just remember

I know you;

Come down I want your sunny smile

Smile                          smile

[watercolor, ink, and tissue on paper illustration by Yea Weon Kim]

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