Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poem by Tyffany Richards

Corporate Office
He beat her last night
So when she came to work
Sunglasses on, head lowered, hands folded
We knew something was wrong
But no one wanted to question
And she wouldn’t say a word
She just stayed silent the whole time.
Just took her sunglasses off
And was oblivious to the whole office’s gasp

She was raped last night
And she went home and told him, but he didn’t believe her
He wouldn’t let her get an abortion
So nine months later
The office celebrated the new child’s life
While she sat in a corner
Tears staining her face
Dripping mascara marks
Dark streaks on her pretty face

He killed her last night
And we all attended her funeral
And gave praise for what a wonderful person she was
And cried tears for her
Even though in actuality
We didn’t care
We knew nothing about her
She meant nothing to us
She was just another girl in the office

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