Monday, November 14, 2011

Poems by Thom Hart

(The Blonde)

Dangerous times
Especially to be
A blonde of seventeen
Or so
Surrounded by
Business associates
And drink.

(I thought not)

Did you do any work today?
I thought not.
Did you stimulate your mind today?
No, that doesn’t count, be quiet.
Did you care about anything?
I thought not, you’re far too apathetic.
So. What did you do today?

(The wind)

the trees dance
fields move
leaves float
waves crest
and the wind,
well it sings ‘round my house

(Venus, my lover)

I made love
To Venus last night.
In a dream the goddess came to me.
She said, I will show you ecstasy
And I followed her. Her face
Was never the same, and
As I recall she towered over me,
Some barbaric Amazonian,
But she was beauty,
And beauty was she,
And lust,
And I thought of all the things
That could have been,
And will be.

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