Thursday, March 29, 2012

Poem by Chris Olson

The City

A society, one with great poise
Fills the earth with elegant noise.
Cutting through the air, leaving behind trails
With the words in our minds leaving a vast amount of detail!
Capture the words before it’s too late,
For the words will settle and desecrate.
Everyone around young and old
Will listen to noise and let them u  n   f   o   l    d
Through thick, thin, smooth, or rough
The noise turns to words sure enough
A once elegant noise has transformed
Covering everything like a bee’s swarm
Words to sentences the noise becomes
As steady as a beat from a snare drum
Sloshing around in our brains
The words of wisdom will remain
Society’s blindfold has been lifted away
Power of noise will sustain
This noise should ascertain
Ensuring all the people refrain
From always playing the same, old, damn game.

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