Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poem by Lindsay Jerry-Collins

I am a proud young woman.
My parents raised me to be proud
of who I am.
It’s what I’ve been taught
from a very young age.
I always thought that it was
normal for people to
take pride in the things that
make them unique.
That isn’t always the case
for everyone.
I honestly can’t understand
why there are so many
people who are dissatisfied
with themselves to the point
where they feel the need to change
because society thinks they should;
be it their hair, their body,
or even their personality.
I am a proud young woman.
I’m proud to have curly hair.
I’m proud to be West African, Indian,
Trinidadian, and Native American.
I’m proud to be dark-skinned.
And that’s another thing: my skin
is brown, not black.
But society says otherwise. I disagree.
I don’t conform to what society says
is or should be.
Most of it is complete and total BS.
Society says that the ideal woman
should have an hourglass figure.
Society says that the ideal woman
should have straight hair.
My biggest question: why?
Why try to make us become
something we’re not?
Because that’s exactly what it’s doing.
I see this problem all around me
every day; women and girls
trying to make themselves more appealing
to the eye of society.
I honestly could care less
about what society wants
or doesn’t want from me.
I am me, and that’s not about to change.
I am not my hair. I am not my skin.
I am no one’s expectations.
I am the soul that lives within.
And that’s what society
fails to understand.
I’m not gonna change because
society thinks I should.
Society can kiss my entire ass.
I am who I am. And if anyone
has a problem with it,
then they can take a hike.
‘Cause I don’t give a sh*t.

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