Saturday, April 20, 2013

Poem by Erin Sullivan

This is some unreal, crazy, infinite shit.
Like you’re pulling back my layers bit by bit.
You unravel me, unroll me until I’m nothing,
Naked on the floor, like a fool cuz you’re bluffing.
And I’m still crawling after you, scraping up my knees
Begging for your love, just please baby please.
You hit me and bruise me so much I can’t think
And then you tell me we’re forever, you put it in ink.
Somehow I don’t understand that actions speak louder than words.
It gets easier in time, at least that’s what I’ve heard.
But my heart beats for you, every rhythm is a cry.
I reach for you, beg for you, I will til I die.
You tell me you need me, we’re two halves to a whole,
We fit together, work together, but this love/hate’s taking its toll.
I want to breathe and think, without waiting for the other shoe to drop
But I just can’t leave you alone, I just can’t stop.
I feel like an idiot, just working my life around your every move
And when you come around, you act like there’s something to prove.
How about this, how bout you prove that you love me?
You quit playing games, we both win cuz we’ll both be happy.
But no, for you it's more fun to see me in pain,
Look at me and all you put me through, all the scars and stains.
I wish I could say I’m leaving you, but we both know I can’t.
I’m stuck here, rooted to the ground, I’m a god damn house plant.
So I’ll just write another verse, and try to buy time.
Before I get blamed and beaten for one more of your crimes.
You smile, I smile. You frown, I frown. Is that enough?
You secretly take advantage, cuz you know I can take it rough.
I’m done caring and worrying what everyone else sees.
I just want to be happy with you, for the fighting to cease.
It never will, and neither will I.
I will love you until the day that I die.

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