Friday, April 27, 2012

The Lively Night by Thom Hart

The lively night or
Conversations concerning Dimethyltryptamine

Fill your dipper with the milky celestial brew
Touch your lips to the skies, and then lower your gaze
To the fireflies who mirror the stars, while two
Baritone bullfrogs narrate the scene,
A rich chorus of their fellows follow suit
The warmth of the day has not yet left
The ground remembers a kind sun
And the blanket of night is laid upon the land
The bed of the gods is made for rest
An owl calls out for friends in his forest
And the trees are wide-awake dancing
To the vibrations, the beat, the music
The season celebrates itself with much song
But I can only long to taste the first drops
Of a milky celestial brew dipped out of the
Wondrous deep black basin that is the heavens.
Congratulations to Thom Hart on having this poem selected by ASAP for their Celebration of Young Writers, to be held 5.12.12 at the Washington Town Hall

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