Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Poem by Mebane Robertson

OK, It’s Later
As I read through her pages,
They take on many meanings and none at all.
As for her art, I love it for its imperfections.
If it were perfect,
I would feel like I was in a cage.
I sense her influences.
She writes as if captive in a sunny breeze.
Many moments make me pause.
But that’s the game,
And whatever they say, it’s no small thing.
I don’t want this house to eat its young,
But once you hop down from the tree
It’s hard to get the bird off your shoulder.
You must resort to these tricks
To keep the bird from seeing its shadow.

[Mebane Robertson's latest book is Signal from Draco (Black Widow, 2007). Click here for a review in Rain Taxi. We're grateful to Mebane for sharing his work with us over the years! See here for a list of Mebane's work in Green Hill.]

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