Friday, May 11, 2012

Poem by Vicky Szymula

I love your broken voice
The mixed color in your eyes
I find it impossible to look away
Especially when you cry
I love your tiny hands
How I can cup them both in mine
How strong and feminine they are
Such a touch of the divine
I love how you smile
Your courageous point of view
When your ears light up like cherries
Especially when I embarrass you
I love the curves of your body
How they seduce away my woes
I can trace your legs from memory
Even down to your tiny toes
I love your raven hair
And the peach fuzz down your back
When you're face to face with me
I  fight off a heart attack
Your smirk, your squint
Your confused furrowed brow
I stare in amazement
Frozen in the here and now
How all your flaws and scars
Are what do you don’t want me to see
Yet I can’t help admitting to you
How beautiful they are to me

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