Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poem by Sarah Shulman

A Touch Of Mainstream

Hello friend,
I would just like to tell you that your apple bottom jeans
And your boots with the fur do not go together.
When you moved from the window to the wall,
I was greatly displeased by the fact that you inappropriately
Got low, low, low, low.
Your starships are hard to follow, and I realize you owe that rent.
But I guess being made out of titanium, and being able to breath me
Gets in the way of all those issues.  But no, I will not blow your whistle,
Baby, it is unsanitary. But oh sweet Caroline! I am so lonely!
I just want to take it off, and go out clubbing, but damnit I’m at a payphone trying
To call home, but waiting for the world to change,
Ugh, you know what? Off with heads, and dance till you’re dead
Because I crave you.  And I would gladly be your boyfriend.

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