Friday, April 29, 2011

Loving You (Sestina) by KT McVeigh

I love
Letting go
Is the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do.
I feel like I’m putting you to sleep.
I’m euthanizing my dreams.

My daydream,
My love,
Is falling asleep
Next to you
And waking up whenever we do
With no other places to go

Because we feel no need to go.
We awake from our dreams
(I before you do
to steal seconds of free love)
And I turn on my side and see you
And it is as though I am still asleep.

When you go to sleep
Having ended our conversation hours ago
Do you
Ever dream
That we are in love?
I wonder if you do

I do
Sometimes I only sleep
So I can feel that love
That is where I go
So real in my dreams
I can almost be with you

But it isn’t true. You
Are so far away from me, do
You understand how distant a dream
It really is? A night’s worth of sleep
On a plane across the universe we’d go
For love

At least, I dream that you
And I will meet and fall in love, do
You believe it too? Or content with sleep do you go?
I Can’t.

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