Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poem by Erin Sullivan

To Separation

The heart and the head, what kind of a separation
Is that? Is it brains disjoined from unthoughtfulness?
That is something I want to know: what causes
That split. My head is telling me to stay, to try
To work. But my heart wants me to wait,
In the cold and the wind for you to pull up.
Illegally, breaking so many rules. I want to go with
You, somewhere, anywhere. Down the hall, down south.
Pick the destination and I will meet you.
The separation? Is it just the distance? I wish
That’s all it was. Everything to me, oh how
I wish you knew. I joke, I kid but I just wish you knew
When I say I love you, I mean it. When I say
I want to see you, I mean that I would do anything
In the world for you, just to see you, to hold you. That separation
In us: are we kidding? Are you serious? I need to know.
That is my heart talking I guess. Screaming at me
Shouting, pick me. Love me, be with me. My mind is telling me
Run, don’t look back. Forget about it all.
Forget the memories and the times that we had.
I want separation to disappear, to fade
Into blackness. I want it to be right. Show
Me the way to end the separation.

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