Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two poems by Cecilia Young

Why must you run?
Your senses go numb
You need that high
So you can hide
It's never beautiful enough
Dull your senses til the sun comes up
Your problems won’t go away
Images distort your brain
What is it that you hide from?
What on earth will you become?
Back to earth, how do you feel,
High or low, none of it’s real
When the time comes will you know
Or will life waste, lose its glow
You see, you won’t be the same
Only have a similar name
But even that won’t mean a thing
Get that fix, the buzz, the sting
Crazy nerves and hungry head
Who you were is almost dead
How will you ever find yourself?
Just one more trip? That won’t help
This confused age clouds your eyes
But you can’t always be on cloud nine
Come back to me, come back home
I am yours and yours alone
Is it that feeling you want and need?
I’ll be your addiction, you will see
Laugh and show that beautiful smile
No one’s seen since you were a child

Let it mist
Blinded by fog
Turn the sky into a bog
Let it drizzle
Soft and smooth
Pitter patter like horses’ hooves
Let it rain
Strong and steady
The clouds are looking much too heavy
Let it pour
Bring on the rain
It washes away all the pain
Let it flood
Rivers flow high
They will pour back to the sky.
Butterfly, open your wings!
Your colors have a song to sing —
A song unheard in dark of night
So regale the world while it is light!
See the blazing sun it sets
And water calmly reflects
The last few rays of fading light
Giving way to growing night.
Something about the first sunny day
Stirs the storm cloud heart
When the first blooms touch the hills
No rain can make a day too gray.
The sky smiles at her reflection on the water
With cottony clouds framing her face
And the breeze tickles branches of trees
Taunting them to sprout their leaves
The sun will beam warmly down
On this day and many others
But this day, this day is special
Because it is the first.

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