Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two poems by Sam Kelly

Prison Walls

a familiar emptiness,
your pale body
weak from constant bareness
the whites of your eyes
pushed far back into their sockets
you sink into the colorless land
seeing nothing
noticing little
a face so blank
yet a spark of warmth lives deep within
yearning, wanting, hoping, desiring
black prison walls far off,
what may flow beyond this pallid emptiness?

trip far past the world of Never Never land
glimpse young children flying with guardians
a young boy in love with his youth
and radiating Stars
gaseous wonders of magenta teal yellow
swirl around each other
they engage you,
pull you into a memory
remind yourself of those years
merry-go-round upon merry-go-round
turning, Never Never ending,
yet somehow
you’re no longer there

step into the cold night’s water
bright hues dying pallid skin
swim around the corner
whimsical water splashing color
that moist spray
dripping down your face
a look into moon lit reflection
shows a zebra grazing alone

where Alice skips along a path of illogical life
the Mad hatter sits at tea with rabbits and playing cards
such an unnatural thought
nothing more than a mysterious vision
it makes you wonder
where have you gone so fondly, dreaming?

Dandelion Field

I peer into your eyes, glassy pearls sitting above the bridge of your nose and below your finely-tuned brows.
I can see myself in you like a mirror of all my sins.
I know the world is a hazardous place but I feel safe trapped in your eyes.
My soul has committed itself to you.
You eat away at the flesh.
A feast for you, a famine for me.
My irises burn as the sun reflects off the glass shield over your eyes.
I am blinded for a moment but regain sight of you quickly.
Your reflecting eyes and beautiful lips sitting among a field of dandelions.
How can a place so serene exist in a world of so much hazard?

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